Pertwee & Back Looking Forwards

At Pertwee & Back we are always looking towards the future, and we recently have appeared within the EDP for our dedication to the area and market that we work in. When our managing director, Tom, was given the choice of stepping up to manage the business. The option was to sell the business, or run the business. Tom chose to run the business.

Tom Coller at the Pertwee & Back Centre

Tom joined 7 years ago, with a lot of pressure lying on his position here at the company. The business management course he completed at the UEA before he joined proved invaluable, and he took to the role like a fish to water, becoming the companies director earlier last year.

We were recently offered to expand outwards into a different location, but decided against this because as a firm, we are dedicated to contributing towards the local community. We employ 60 people within the local community, and as a business enjoy working locally.

Looking towards the future we are going to be staying local and doing things the way that we have been for years; the right way. With over 90 years of experience under our belt, there are no signs of any movements away from the local ecosystem that the entire team have come to love and relish in.

What does that mean for you

What that means is that we, at Pertwee & Back, are not going anywhere. We love our community, we thrive here and contribute massively towards the eco-system. We care about our customers, and our ethic is based around the way that we put our customers first before anything else.

We are looking towards increased growth next year, and our goals revolve around retaining the same service that we have now become highly regarded for. We are going to be bringing you many more fantastic deals in the coming months, selling more new and used cars now than ever before.

Read the full piece, detailing the ins and outs of the businesses history on the EDP here.

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