How Tough is the Ford Ranger

The Science of Tough

How Tough is the Ford Ranger

Ford Engineers have been testing the Ford Ranger for endurance and performance within Youtube series “The Science of Tough”. The series of four episodes shows how the Ranger’s smart design is one of the toughest vehicles on the market today. Talk, Water, Heat & Strength are the primary focus points in each episode creating the Science of Tough where Ford Engineers prove the resistance and quality of the Ford Ranger’s build.

So how tough is the Ford Ranger? Watch the Science of Tough to find out:

Episode 1. Tough Towing – The Ford Engineers test the Ranger’s towing power by dragging a sled full of rocks up a steep quarry in difficult conditions.

Episode 2. Heavy Drop – From height, the Ford Engineers test the Ranger’s strength and stability by dropping heavy materials into the back of the vehicle.

Episode 3. Deep Water – Testing the Ranger’s performance in water, to see if it can weather the toughest conditions and still function without damage.

Episode 4. 24HR Endurance – The Ranger’s engine is put under 24 hours of stress – High RPM and heavy load through a humid jungle endurance track.

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